Broke Before Finals? No Way! 10 Simple Tips to Save Big in College. 

Ditch ramen woes, become a budget boss, and rock campus life without stress. 

Textbook Treasure Hunt 

Skip expensive books! Rent, borrow, or go digital. Save cash & still ace those classes. 

Kitchen Champions 

Ditch takeout, cook with friends! Budget meals, potlucks, and smart grocery shopping - you got this!

Caffeine Countdown 

Skip fancy lattes, brew your own brew! Explore campus deals & free water. Coffee on a budget, yeah!

Second hand Superpower 

Don't buy new, buy used! Clothes, furniture, even bikes - second-hand stores & online finds are your friends. 

Fun on a Budget 

Free campus events, libraries, student discounts, DIY nights - skip expensive outings & explore fun for free! 

Wheels on a Dime 

Walk, bike, ride the bus, share rides - save cash on taxis & explore campus in cool ways. 

Scholarship Showdown 

Search, apply, win! Scholarships & grants can help pay the bills. Don't miss out! 

Side Hustle Hero 

Tutor, babysit, sell crafts, freelance online - turn your skills into cash! Be a side hustle champion.

Budget Buddies 

Track your spending, set goals, see where your money goes. Be a budget master!

Future Finance Flight 

Learn about money now, save big later! Be a financial whiz in the future.

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